Top 4 Places to Visit in Coimbatore with Family

Places to Visit in Coimbatore with FamilyReckoned as the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is a major cosmopolitan city in India. Adorned with rich diversity, Coimbatore boasts of a beautiful landscape, which is also ideal for photography. Situated along the banks of River Noyyal, the city is endowed with natural beauty and a – various places for sightseeing such as temples, churches, waterfalls and – more. Some of the places to visit in Coimbatore with family are:

Marudhamalai Hill Temple

Perched on the lofty Western Ghats at a whopping height of 500 ft., Marudhamalai Hill Temple is known for its refreshing atmosphere. Built in the honour of Lord Muruga, this temple is flocked by visitors and devout pilgrims throughout the year. Beholding an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, the temple offers a splendid view of the city. It is a quintessential structure flaunting a Dravidian style of architecture. You can also take a detour to the Murugar Temple and Snake Siddha Temple located in the foothills of the region. An interesting fact about this hillock is that it is a storehouse of many medicinal herbs and shrubs.

Kovai Kondattam

An amusement park located at a distance of about 2 km from Coimbatore, this is a fun-filled destination where you can spend the day with your loved ones. What is particularly striking about Kodai Kondattam is that it is an eco-friendly theme park. The park was apparently built by the veteran Tamil actor Vijay and caters to all those visitors who love water and are prepared to get an adrenaline rush by enjoying numerous water-based and dry rides. While this is a popular destination among leisure seekers and holiday goers, it is also a favourite site of the corporates who hang out  here for team building- activities. The amusement park also has quite a few restaurants where you can go and enjoy a delectable meal after the rides.

Vydehi Falls

Situated in the periphery of the city at a distance of around 35 km, Vydehi waterfalls is a popular picnic spot among families. This magnificent fall cascades with a rapid speed from a great height and creates an alluring effect. A sanctuary of serenity, these falls were once called “Tholayira Murthi Kandi”. The Tamil word “Tholayiram” means “nine hundred” while the term “Murthi” refers to many things such as “lord” and “manifestation” and “Kundi” translates as “falls”. It was later rechristened as “Vaithegi Kathirunthal” by director R. Sundarrajan after the cult movie by the same name.

Sree Ayyappan Temple

Located in the heart of Coimbatore, Sree Ayyappan Temple is a famous temple in the city that is dedicated to Lord Sree Ayyappa. Inspired from Kerala’s well known temple, Sabrimala, it is popularly called the second Sabarimala Temple by devotees. This is reflected not only in the way the temple has been constructed but also in the way rituals are performed here. The temple also encompasses shrines devoted to other deities, including Lord Shiva, Sri Murugan, Lord Vinayagar, Maha Vishnu and Durga Ji. The Dhwajasthambha of this celebrated temple is flanked with gold.

Once you are done exploring the city, you can drop by at one of the places to stay in Coimbatore. So, pack your bags and come over to this exquisite city.

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