7 Reasons Why Bangalore is Pretty Awesome


Emotional attachment to the city we have grown up is quite easy to understand, right? But that is not the only reason why I think Bangalore is a pretty awesome place to stay. Whether you move here now, or later, is a moot point. Point is, you should defiantly check out this city if you are looking to rehabilitate. Here’s why:

• It’s a green city. Enjoy taking lung-fulls of fresh air, in the many gardens of the city, especially Cubbon Park. It is not called the “The Garden City” for nothing you know.

• Filter kappi (coffee) is the best beverage to have ever crossed your mouth. Even a tea connoisseur will have a change of heart.

• Ancient monuments led the city an air of elegance, unlike any other. Right under your nose, exist heritage buildings such as Chokkanathaswamy temple, the Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s summer palace, as well as the incredible pre-historic sites at Chikkajala, Hejjala and Savanadurga.

• It’s no small secret that Bangalore is a hub for technology and startups. If you are looking for a job, no matter what your specialization is, you are sure to find it here. And probably, a good paying one at that.

• The weather is pleasant throughout the year. No biting cold winters and no sweltering heat waves! Just a pleasant wind and rains to ensure you can wear your favorite outfits throughout the year.

• Bangalore actually has the highest number of pubs in Asia! Bet you didn’t know that! Now, who wouldn’t want to party hard, pub crawl, bar hop, and make merry!

So, when are you moving?

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