4 Trips to Take from Jaipur on a Long Weekend

places to visit near Jaipur within 100 km

When work gets way too monotonous, you tend to lose the zeal for the weekend. At that moment, the concept of ‘Weekend Getaway’ comes to the rescue. If you think popular metropolitan cities are the only ones which offer a number of soul-soothing getaways, you are wrong. In this blog, we list down a number of exciting options, which are sure to urge you to plan a trip on a weekend. And catering to the travelers exploring Jaipur who are in the mood to explore the gems close to the city, here are the four charming places to visit near Jaipur within 100 km:

Ramgarh Lake (34.4 km)

For all those planning to bask in some tranquility after a hectic week, there is no better place to visit near Jaipur than Ramgarh Lake. The scenic beauty offered by this 15 sq. km long lake is all you need to unwind and recharge your energy for the coming days. The beautiful scenery surrounding the lake can be explored through various activities such as boating and bird watching. After soaking in the calm aura of the lake, explore the other attractions such as Old Fort, Ramgarh Polo Ground and Jambwa Mata Temple.

Virat Nagar (92.5 km)

With traces dating back to the era of the great Hindu epic Mahabharata, Virat Nagar is a real treat for all the history buffs planning a weekend getaway from Jaipur. Surrounded by the popular cities such as Alwar, Siliserh and Sariska, Virat Nagar stands as a budding tourist place to visit near Jaipur within 100 km. As the place is enveloped by a glorious past, the historical monuments here are the main attraction. So plan a heritage tour with your friends and have an unforgettable time at Virat Nagar.

Bagru (28 km)

Bagru is a small city in the state of Rajasthan, which depicts the rich Rajasthani culture and heritage very aptly. Considered an interesting place to visit around Jaipur, Bagru presents many tourist attractions such as the Bagru Fort, Vishwakarma Mandir, Lakshmi Nath Mandir and Shree Raghunath Mandir. Besides these landmarks, the city is known for the ‘Bagru Print’. This remarkable art of printing has gained much popularity in the fashion industry.

Abhaneri (93.2 km)

Originally named as Abha Nagri, which can be translated as the ‘City of Brightness’, Abhaneri is a well-known village in Rajasthan with history dating back to the medieval times. The one proud element of the village, which attracts travelers from all over the country, is Chand Baori. Chand Baori is a magnificent step well, which was built to store rainwater. Along with the marvelous architecture of Baori, Harshat Mata Temple is a famous religious attraction.

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