5 Reasons Why People Love Tiruchirappalli

Rockfort Temple Trichy

Located in the heart of Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirappalli is the third largest city of the state. Popularly known as Tiruchi or Trichy, it is a place where modernity and tradition co-exist. It makes for a great travel destination with a rich cultural, historical, and religious landscape.

Trichy is the oldest inhabited city in South India. Owing to its geographical location, the city has a mildly humid, but pleasant weather all through the year. The best time to make a trip down to Trichy will be from October to March when all the attractions are at their prime.

Here are five reasons why people love Trichy!

Rockfort Temple

Built in the 7th Century, Rockfort Temple is one of the oldest temples in India. Built on top of a rock on top of a historic fortification, this ancient temple pays homage to different Gods and Goddesses of Hindu mythology. To reach the main temple area, people need to climb around 345 steps.

Kallanai Dam

A little away from the city Centre, Kallanai Dam and the park surrounding it are a must visit tourist attractions. Built 2000 years ago, this dam is one of the oldest water regulation systems in the world. The dam provides a wonderful scenic view. It is also an important bird-watching spot, during the right season. Sunset viewing from the dam is a must-do activity here.

Puliancholai Falls

Puliancholai Falls is one of the most spectacular sites you can visit in Trichy. Puliancholai is a terrace waterfall located in the midst of a very serene and tranquil environment. You can visit the place to enjoy the scenery on a fun picnic, and get closer to nature.

Chinna Kadai Street

A trip to Trichy is incomplete without a shopping spree at the Chinna Kadai Street. If you like hoarding antiques, then this is your place of choice. Get your hands on cigars, brassware, jewellery, silk sarees, and antiques. Bargain your way through sellers at Chinna Kadai Street, the most significant shopping center in Trichy.

Delectable Food

The one experience that cannot be missed while in Trichy is trying out the delicious food. Try out the authentic South Indian thali. While you can try an abundance of authentic South Indian dishes with exquisite taste, Trichy is also known to be serving delicious Burmese cuisine. Do try the mouthwatering Attho Noodles, Mohingha, or their famous soup, known for curing fevers, Hinncho.

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