Points of Interest and Famous Foods of Patna

Points of Interest and Famous Food of PatnaPatna, the capital of Bihar, is the city with a rich past. It has remnants of past written all over it. Dating back to 3000 years, when the city was famously known as Pataliputra, it enjoyed a prestigious position as the capital of Magadha Kingdom. Ruled by various kingdoms, the land reflects the influences of varied culture.

You may want to take a vacation to enjoy the aura and vibe of Patna. Given below is a list of places to visit when you are in Patna.

  1. Kumrahar

KumraharSituated 5 km from Patna, Kumrahar has archaeological remains of the Mauryan Palace. This is hardly surprising since it was the ancient capital of Ajatshatru, Chandragupta and Ashoka. Excavations conducted between 1912 to1915 revealed a Mauryan pillared hall. Further research has unearthed more pillars, and earning the site the tag of ‘Eighty Pillared Hall’. You will get the opportunity to spot ancient ornaments, copper coins, terracotta & stone beads with toy carts.

  1. Nalanda

nalanda-university-patnaFamed as the seat of ancient learning, Nalanda is today an internationally acclaimed world destination flocked by thousands of tourists. Today, it is a World Heritage site. Established in 5th century AD, it had famous scholars and travelers like Hieun Tsang visiting it from various parts of the globe. In fact, a construction dedicated to Hieun Tsang is also seen here with statues of Buddha.

  1. Begum Hajjam’s Mosque

Considered to be one of the most ancient mosques in Patna, it was constructed in 1510 by Khan Muazzam Nazir and renovated by Begum Hajjam in 1645. The architectural style resembles the style prevalent during Gaur rule. The doorway has exceptional carvings. The distinctive feature of the mosque is its glazed tiles.

  1. Sun Temple

The Sun Temple is believed to belong to the Treta Yuga. However, archaeological evidences indicate that the temple dates back to the 8th century. The Nagar style characterizes the architectural style of the temple. This was popular between the 6th and 12th centuries. Legend has it that the temple was originally east-facing; but after the prayers of the temple priest to protect the temple against invasions and conquests, it turned to west. What makes this temple unparalleled is that it stands with its back facing the rising sun.

  1. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden PatnaPopularly called Patna Zoo, this park is spread over an expanse 153 acre of land. It is listed among the largest zoos in the country. Home to 110 species of wild animals, it boasts of a rich biodiversity of white tigers, hippopotamus, lions, monkeys and many more. The place is a delight for all the bird watchers and nature lovers. It also has snake museum, bat museum and fish museum. A toy train takes you through the important places in the garden. For those feeling adventurous, elephants can take them round the zoo. The pond situated at the garden has boating facilities.

You can enjoy these mesmerizing places while gorging on numerous authentic Bihari dishes such as litthi chokha – consisting of wheat and sattu with spices, kneaded into round spicy balls, dipped in ghee. You can also try the famous Chandrakala that is a heavenly dessert and Reshmi Kebabs that are too good to resist.


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