5 Ways To Pamper Your Pooch This Weekend

A man’s best friend, your perfect stress busters, the most sensitive animals – dogs are said to be your best companion through the good times and the bad. So, this weekend, why don’t you take some time out of your hectic schedule and treat your dog with a range of pampering activities:

1. Taking them to pet events

Just like socializing helps humans mingle with the other members of the society, so is the case with animals. This would be the best way where your pets could make new friends andplay with them.. These pet events include many interesting activities like ‘Delhi Pet Fed’ which will surely act as an exercise for them.

Pet-friendly resorts in Manesar

2. Weekend getaways with your dogs

What could be more relaxing than escaping somewhere during the weekends with your pets? There are pet-friendly resorts in Manesar which you could surely consider. And the cherry on the cake is that these are very much affordable. So these weekend getaways near Manesar with your pets are sorted out. Visit our pet friendly hotel, Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley where you could take your dog.

pet-friendly resorts near Gurgaon

3. Spa relaxation

Pet grooming services in Manesar provide a luxurious spa treatment, which your pet must surely try. This would help you to bond better with your pet. This would enable your pet to relax as well as have a good clean up. Pedicuring the paws, getting a haircut and shampooing them would be one of the best ways to cheer them up and to groom them.

Pet grooming services in Manesar

4. Pet-Friendly cafes

Have you ever considered taking your pet on a date? If not, then there are some cafes in Delhi which would help you spend some quality time with your pet such as Puppy chino, Blue Tokai, Café Soul Garden, Throttle Shrottle. This would help you to bond with your pet better and give them a break from the regular home-cooked meals.

Pet-Friendly cafes in Gurgaon

5. A swimming session for your dog

There are various advantages of taking your dogs for swimming sessions. If you are considering reducing your dog’s weight, then this would be the perfect option.

swimming session for your dog in GurgaonThese are the few ways in  which you can thank your pets for being by your side whenever you needed someone.

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