All you need to know about the tallest statue in the world, The Statue of Unity!

Statue of Unity

The much talked about and an iconic addition to India’s latest tourist attractions is the ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat. The magnificent structure is a tribute to the Ironman of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. This unique installation had its foundation laid in 2013 and stands tall on the banks of river Narmada.

Here are some interesting facts about the ‘Statue of Unity’:

1. The Statue is built using recycled iron gathered by melting damaged farming equipments during the ‘Loha Campaign’.

2. With passing years, this massive structure is said to change its color, and turn from bronze to green due to climatic changes.

3. Challenging the very norm of engineering and as compared to other statues around the world, the base of this structure is relatively narrow. However, a carefully calculated distance of 6.4m has been kept between the two feet of the statue which enables it to withstand upto 100km/h of wind speed.

4. The statue is strong enough to resist an earthquake wave upto 6.5 Richter scale

5. It took more than 3000 workers, including 300 engineers to complete the structure within 3.5 years.

6. Boasting a height of 182m, ‘Statue of Unity’ is currently the tallest statue in the world.

7. The observation deck, 400 feet close to the chest of the statue, can accommodate upto 200 people at one time and offers a panoramic view of the Narmada River.

8. Each high-speed elevator can carry upto 26 people at one time. These elevators take 30 seconds to reach the observation deck.

Today, the Statue of Unity is a matter of pride for all Indians. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at this beauty in the city of Vadodara. To enjoy the experience of a memorable hospitality while you explore the city, book your stay with Lemon Tree Hotel, Vadodara.

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