15 Things That You Must Pack for Your Kerala Trip (2021)

Things That You Must Pack for Your Kerala Trip

Endowed with mesmerizing topography, Kerala, God’s own country, is the ultimate vacation hub in every vagabond’s itinerary. While traveling to Kerala, you may wonder what it is that you must pack for your trip. To help you avoid any last minute hassles, we have curated a checklist of the essential things that you need to pack for your Kerala trip.

Umbrellas/Rain Coats

Kerala is drenched by the rain-bearing south west monsoon germinating from Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean during May-November. In order to avoid being caught in the rain unprepared, you must make it a point to pack an umbrella/rain coat and enjoy the city. Umbrellas are also useful to beat Kerala’s scorching heat.

Tropical Clothes

Situated near the equatorial region, which is bathed by the vertical rays of the sun, Kerala faces intense heat throughout the year. In order to roam around the state unperturbed, it is suggested that you wear comfortable loose flowing cotton garments.

Flip Flops

Be it a trip to places like Varkala Beach or your stay at places like the houseboats in the backwaters of Alappuzha, wearing flip flops is the ideal option as it is durable against both sticky beach sands and waves of water.


If you are in Kerala during summers, then you must carry your pair of wayfarers/aviators. Besides being a great fashion accessory, they will also protect your eyes from any harmful damage of the sun rays.


The harsh rays of the sun are known to be very harmful. In fact, they can even be deleterious and cause serious diseases like skin cancer. Sunscreens with SPF 30-70 not only protect you from tanning, but also shield you from injurious sun rays.

Mosquito Repellants

Situated in the lap of nature amidst lush green mountains and plains, Kerala is rich in biodiversity. However, one drawback of this is that it has an army of mosquitoes, which may be vectors disseminating diseases like dengue & malaria. So, keep mosquitoes at bay by carrying a mosquito repelling cream/spray.


The heat of Kerala is synonymous with heat strokes. A good idea in this case is to carry a first aid kit with a few essential medicines and things like band-aids to be equipped with any unforeseen events.


Sometimes when you are travelling, you may not have access to water/soap. In order to keep the doctor away, not only should you have an apple a day, but also keep the germs at bay. Using a good sanitizer is the ideal solution for this case!


Sometimes, long journeys may leave you dizzy and zapped. Having a few candies in hand will help you fight the uneasy feeling. So, don’t forget to pack a few flavoured toffees!

Water Bottles

Carrying water bottles is a must while travelling. It will not only quench your thirst but also help you avert dehydration.


Make sure that you carry a few tit bits like a packet of wafers, chocolates or biscuits along with you. It is advisable to carry items with a long shelf life that you can munch while travelling.

Power Bank

Having a portable charger is a great idea when you are exploring a new city as it will give you a longer duration of time to listen to music or make videos or surf the net hassle-free.


Having a camera is a must as it will give you high-quality pictures and sweet reminiscences to take back home when you relive the memories of this city.

City Guide

Having a local map of the city will help you explore the major landmarks of the city without getting lost or missing out on anything.

Spacious Bags

Ditch small bags and carry totes so that you can comfortably place the souvenirs that you buy for your family/friends in your bag instead of losing them.

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