Top 5 Best Local Food Of Himachal Pradesh

chaa gosht - Top 5 best local food of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also caters to your taste palates just right. Here, you can engulf the majestic view of Himalayas while enjoying some piping hot Himachali delicacies. The state is dotted with multiple shacks which t serve the best Himachali food at very pocket friendly prices.

So, when in Himachal Pradesh, here is what to dig into:


The Himachali version of Chhole with distinctive flavours and aroma traditionally belongs to the town of Chamba. The main ingredients in Madra are chickpeas with assorted spices. Hence, every eatery in the state, serves its own version of the delicacy to the guests.

Tukdiya Bhat:

With every bite, this form of native Pulao rice will leave you asking for more. Every local household in Himacha Pradesh adds its unique flavour to the dish. Tukdiya Bhat is served best with mashed Dal and a dash of lemon

Himachali Bhey:

Lotus is known to be multi-purpose but who knew that lotus stems could makes for the perfect evening snack? In the local households, the lotus stems are thin sliced in the form of chips, fried and then tossed into dry spices to add a tangy flavour. This easy to cook local recipe, is the ideal souvenir to take back home.

Chaa Gosht:

If a plate of mutton gravy gives you the utmost solace, don’t miss on trying out the Chaa Gosht while exploring Himachal. Made with mutton cooked in gram flour, yoghurt and assorted spices offers a strong and a unique flavour which promises to remain on the taste palates for long.


Siddu is one of the staples of the local community in Himachal Pradesh. This delicacy includes steamed buns which go perfectly with vegetables or stew. Although, the dish takes a lot of time to prepare, every bite just makes it worth the effort.

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