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Being the capital of India’s eastern state of Bihar, Patna is one of the country’s fastest growing cities but unfortunately, it’s the most underrated in terms of being a tourist destination. Patna, or former Pataliputra, is a city soaked in culture, tradition and a rich historical past. In the wake of the recent boom in real estate development, Patna’s infrastructure is steadily shaping up for tourism and here’s our guide to some of the prominent tourist destinations in the city –


This site gives a glimpse to the glorious past of Patna. It is also home to archaeological excavations of the Mauryan Palace. Since the archaeological expedition in 1915, a total of 8 pillars have been excavated. Thus, Kumhrar is also known as the 8 pillared hall. This hall is a fine example of the Mauryan architecture.

Nalanda University:

Situated in South Bihar, Nalanda University is a UNESCO world heritage site and is considered as one of the oldest universities in the world, dating back to the 3rd century. The University had found its place in the memoirs of many travellers including the famous Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang. The structures and the setup of this ancient university will amaze you and take you to the times when India ruled the world in terms of academics.

Agam Kuan:

This is an ancient well and an archeological site, built during the reign of Ashoka in Patna that has many interesting folk tales associated with it. It is 105 feet deep and with a perimeter extending 20 ft. It is believed that Ashoka drowned his 99 brothers in the same well to capture the throne of the Maurya Empire. At present, the well is believed to be auspicious with unlimited powers.


A construction by Captain John Garstin, Golghar served as the granary when the famines hit Patna. The architecture is inspired by that in form of a stupa. It has steps that lead to the top of the Golghar which offers a mesmerizing view of the Patna city. The mighty Ganges can be seen flowing right next to the structure.

Patna Planetarium:

The Patna Planetarium also known as Indira Gandhi Planetarium and Taramandal is one of the oldest and largest in Asia. Inaugurated in 1993, this is one of the best places to gain knowledge about galaxies, stars, and the solar system. Here, a wide range of films are showcased on subjects related to astronomy. Apart from that, the Planetarium also holds exhibitions on related topics for the visitors.

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