Top Wedding Venue in Vijayawada: Luxurious Hotels for Your Dream Wedding

With its rich culture and lively atmosphere, Vijayawada is a perfect place to have your dream wedding. The city has several options for making your big day truly unforgettable – from luxurious banquet halls to beautiful outdoor venues. Several factors make Vijayawada an ideal destination for weddings, which is why it remains one of the top choices among couples who desire a memorable destination wedding amidst fascinating views. These are the reasons that sets Vijayawada apart:


Choosing the right hotel location is the first step to planning a destination wedding in Vijayawada. Consider hotels that are near major attractions or transport hubs. This makes it easier for guests to explore the area during their stay. You might also want to look into places offering breathtaking views of Krishna River lush greenery or even historic sites that could serve as great backdrops for all your wedding events.

Scenic Beauty

Located on the banks of River Krishna with lots of greenery around it and breathtaking natural scenery that’s marvellous for weddings. Imagine getting married nearby a river, exchanging vows, and getting clicked, all these things are possible in Vijayawada.

In case you’re a couple looking for a traditional wedding ceremony, Vijayawada is the ideal place for you. The town has many temples and historical locations that can be used as marriage venues. 


Vijayawada is well connected with air, rail, and road making it accessible to both local and global travellers. Strategically located centrally inside Andhra Pradesh with proximity to main transport hubs, Vijayawada is handy for travellers thereby making it a perfect vacation spot with regards to organising weddings that cater to various guest lists.

Luxurious Services and Venues

Yes, Vijayawada indeed offers a wide variety of luxurious accommodations that cater to different styles of weddings. While choosing a wedding venue in Vijayawada, you can choose the hotel with the grande ballroom or those with a private garden setting. Look out for state-of-the-art services like audio-visible equipment, ample parking, bridal suites amongst others as they assure unforgettable moments on your special day.

Climatic Conditions

Pleasant and cool weather all year long makes this city an ideal place to tie the knot amidst towering mountains. Whether you plan a summer soiree or a winter wedding, Vijayawada will always offer you the perfect weather on your D-Day making it more special and romantic.

Culinary Delight

Vijayawada is known for its mouth-watering cuisine that boasts of spicy flavours and traditional Andhra delicacies. Take your guests on a gastronomic journey with dishes like Hyderabadi biryani, hot curries, and sweet treats that will make them drool over more; a perfect accompaniment to any celebration.

Event planning professionals at your service

Planning a destination wedding can be daunting but with the help of event planners in luxury hotels at Vijayawada, all this becomes easier because they offer professional services. The hotel’s dedicated wedding coordinator will make sure that every aspect of your big day turns out as planned; from venue decorations through reception set up until guest transportation logistics are sorted out. Their expertise combined with attention to detail guarantees an experience that is both hassle-free and memorable for life.

Fun-filled days and nights!

Apart from just hosting nuptials; also look into what other fun activities can be done on-site while people are still around. Look out for resorts that have wellness centres where one can get pampere d such as spas or even swimming pools. A good massage might do wonders after long tiring night parties by the pool!

Reviews and Suggestions

But before you choose the perfect one, do a little search and read through some reviews from other couples who have also had their weddings in the hotels you are eyeing. In addition, you can ask for recommendations from friends, family, or even wedding planners who have dealt with destination weddings in Vijayawada before; they may give you an idea of what to expect based on their experiences with various service providers.

A spacious venue at LemonTree Hotel

If you dream of an elegant, sophisticated, and memorable wedding, then Tangerine Banquet Hall at Lemon Tree Premier, Vijayawada should be your next stop. Located within the city centre; this hotel offers its visitors all modern facilities blended with timeless beauty that makes it perfect for any couple that wants their big day to stand out among others. 

Moreover, it incorporates more than one expansive banquet space as well as conference halls including large conference and banquet halls designed to meet the needs of discerning guests.

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