Top 5 Weekend Getaways Around Patna

Weekend Getaways around Patna - Places to Visit Near Patna (2020)People of metro cities these days are on a constant look out for short trips in order to spend some time with their family. When time is a constraint and one is looking for a much needed break, these nearby destinations work perfectly for them to rejuvenate themselves. Patna has a rich history of its own and has great significance in religion and spirituality. While there are many weekend getaways near Patna, given below are some destinations you may choose for a short trip:

1. Bodh Gaya

Considered as one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, Bodh Gaya is famously known for the Bodhi tree under which Buddha used to meditate. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Patna and is a tranquil place for the whole family. The MahabodhiTemple, VishnupadTemple and Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum are some of the places to visit here. Monks from all parts of the world can be found sitting at the foot of Buddhist sites reading Holy Scriptures in deep meditation. The best time to visit Bodh Gaya is from October to March. It is at a distance of 110 km from Patna and takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach by road.

2. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the famous tourist places near Patna. This destination is particularly famous for Mahakal Temple, Senchal Lake, the toy train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, etc. The best time to visit this hill station is from September to May.

3. Motihari

Motihari in Bihar is a very popular tourist destination among both pilgrims as well as backpack travellers. Located at a distance of 156 km from Patna, its immense historical worth makes this destination stand out from the rest. Motihari is the city from where Mahatma Gandhi began his legendary Satyagraha for the first time against the British rule. The Mahatma Gandhi Museum and Stone Pillar are the most distinguished tourist locations of Motihari. The best time to visit this town is post monsoon.

4. Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur, located in Bihar, is famous for the production of high quality silk products and is also known as the silk city of India. The city has an undeniable presence throughout history and one can find references to Bhagalpur from as far back as the 7th century. Bhagalpur tourism is bejewelled (It is UK form of writing) by many pious festivals. Owing to its perfect location, many motion pictures of Bollywood have been shot here, such as Gangajal, Raincoat and Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2, among others. Tourist places in and around Bhagalpur include, Lajpat Park, Shiva Temple at Budanath, Champagnagar Jain Temple, GhantaGhar, Dargah of Guran Baba, Rabindra Nath Bhavan, Tegh Bahadur Gurudwara, Sandish Compound, Temple of Goddess Kali and Durga, Rajmahal Fossil Sanctuary and Sanjay Udyan Park.

5. Darbhanga

Regarded as the cultural capital of the state, Darbhanga has a lot to offer. Tourists can visit Darbhanga Fort, Shyama Kali Temple, Chandradhari Museum on their visit to this city. Darbhanga is best enjoyed in the winter season from October to March and is around 150 km from Patna, which makes it a 4-hour trip.

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