6 Reasons To Book A Serviced Apartment On Your Next Business Meeting

Serviced apartment in Noida

Serviced apartments are a new trend in the hospitality industry and are gaining popularity. In this generation when people are more specific and particular about their requirements, service apartments provide the perfect solution. It meets all your requirements at a comfortable price.

Here are 6 reasons why you should book a serviced apartment on your business trip:

More space:

You might be an organized person, but a little messy while at work. Well, then you would obviously prefer a separate area as a work station to keep the bedroom away from all that turmoil. While hotels don’t offer accommodation with multiple rooms, this facility is easily available in serviced apartments.

A kitchen:

Business trips can be really hectic. Your schedule might go completely haywire, compelling you to finish your work at odd hours and even skip meals. In such times, having a well equipped kitchen saves the day. You can prepare a quick breakfast before you leave for work and even cook yourself a fresh meal if you finish your day late, when all eateries are generally shut. A well equipped kitchen always ensures that you never go hungry.

Housekeeping facilities:

If you are living somewhere, the place will definitely need some housekeeping. At serviced apartments, you have an efficient team of housekeepers who take care of the apartment while you are away. After all, who doesn’t like coming back to a clean house after a hard day of work?

Cost Effective:

when you are on a long business trip, booking hotel rooms can get really expensive because the tariff is charged on a daily basis. You can rent a serviced apartment for a stipulated duration which brings down the accommodation expenditure.

All modern amenities:

A serviced apartment has everything in place that a modern and luxurious stay requires. Sometimes these apartments also offer pool services and other similar amenities. Thus ensuring you don’t miss out on any scope of relaxation.

Convenient group travel:

If you are travelling with a group, serviced apartments are the best option. You have more space to accommodate members which enables everyone to enjoy a comfortable stay.

When it comes to choosing the best service apartments in Noida, Sandal Suites, operated by Lemon Tree Hotels offers modern amenities with best facilities. Don’t forget to make your bookings.

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