Things to do in Lucknow this Weekend

Things to do in Lucknow this Weekend

The epitome of splendour, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is the perfect amalgamation of Mughal grandeur and British aristocracy that is showcased in Lucknow’s architecture, culture and cuisine. If you’re spending a weekend here, the city of Nawaabs, Adaabs and Kebabs will never let you feel lonely. There is so much to see, explore and experience in this heritage city, so let’s get started.

Hop on a Tonga

If you ever wished to be born in the era of horse drawn carts and carriages and live the lavish lifestyle of the aristocrats and the nawabs, here’s your chance. This charming tonga ride across the city will become one of the most unforgettable moments spent in Lucknow.

Chill at Dream World Resort

About half an hour’s drive from the City of Nawabs, Dream World Resort is a haven away from the bursting city madness. With fun filled activities and entertainment options such as amusement park, DJ, party lawn, gaming arcade and indoor water park, this surely is a place to refresh and let your hair down.

Take a Heritage Walk

For a city with such an illustrious legacy, a heritage walk is almost mandatory. Organized by the Tourism Department of the UP Government, one such heritage walk will acquaint you with the many monuments the city of Nawabs is home to. From Tali Wali Masjid, through the interesting lanes of the Chowk District and the Bara Imambara, the Heritage Walk is a quick review of this city soaked in traditions and culture.

Explore Sufism

Hosted at the mausoleum of Haji Waris Ali Shah, a well noted Sufi saint, Sufi Sojourn is a soulful musical evening with various qawals performing with serenity and poise. Experience transience as you listen to these Qawals at Barabanki and begin your journey of self-realisation, for at least you are at the venue with the perfect setting for thoughtful moments.

Indulge in a Culinary Walk

Being in Lucknow and not indulging in food is almost sinful. Join a guided culinary walk starting from Victoria Street’s Akbari Gate to witness world famous eateries such as Tundey Kebab, Mubeen Pasanda, Raheem’s Nihari gosht and Rehmat Halwa Shop. The tour guide will provide you cutlery and basic essentials to indulge in these popular delicacies.

Relax at Lemon Tree Hotel, Lucknow

Lemon Tree Hotel Lucknow

No matter how hectic the city tour might be, your stay at one of the finest hotels – Lemon Tree Hotel, Lucknow will relax you to the core. With cheery smiles and a welcoming attitude, the staff will take care of your needs with all services and facilities such as fitness center, restaurant, spa and swimming pool.

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