Top Tourist Attractions in Sariska – Places to Visit, Sightseeing

tourist attractions in Sariska

Lush green pastures, wide valleys, dry trees and rich wildlife – Sariska is one of the most popular places to visit in Alwar. Offering a refreshing escape from the concrete jungles, also known as the metropolitan cities, Sariska is a nature enthusiast’s delight! So, the next time when you are in town, don’t miss out on these tourist attractions in Sariska:

1. Siliserh Lake

Established in the year 1845 at the behest of Maharaja Vinay Khan, this charming lake is one of the most popular picnics sites in the city where children are seen boating with their parents. Spread across an area of 7 kilometers, this lake was built with the intention to supply water to the city of Alwar. It is located along the way to the famous Alwar wildlife hotspot, . It also houses a splendid palace. It is believed that the Maharaja loved this place, which served as a hunting lodge in the earlier times for the king.

2. Sariska National Park

One of the best places to explore the wildlife in Sariska, this iconic attraction is known for housing the thriving population of Bengal Tigers. Other species like jackals, Indian eagle owl, hyena, golden-backed woodpecker, jungle cat, grey partridge, wild boar, monkey, whitethroat kingfisher, deer and Indian leopard can also be found here. It also encloses many other famous sites such as Sariska Palace, Kankwadi, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and Garh Rajor Temple.

3. Pandupol Hanuman Temple

The hills enveloping Sariska hide many gems and stories. Perhaps the best known of these jewels is the enchanting Pandupol Hanuman Temple. Dotted by rocky hills, a natural arch and a waterfall, this unquestionably picturesque temple is quite valued. Legend has it that this is the site where Pandava Bhima was defeated by Hanuman in a battle of strength. It is one of the major tourist attractions found within the border.

4. Bhangarh

Situated in the rustic countryside of Sariska, is this deserted place, which is notoriously famous all over the country for being a haunted city. Founded in 1631 by Madho Singh, it is said to have had 10,000 dwellings. What is particularly mysterious about this city is that roughly around 300 years ago it was suddenly abandoned by its inhabitants. If rumors are to be believed, this doomed land was cursed by a magician. In fact, the locals still believe that the effect of this spell is everlasting.

5. Bhartrihari Temple

One of the prime centers of pilgrimage in Sariska, this temple is said to be more than thousand years old. Carved out of white marble, this pretty temple sits atop hills, with waterfalls nearby. It flaunts many traditional Rajasthani architectural elements such as wide galleries, floral designed columns of shikharas and mandaps. Dedicated to Yogi Bhartrihari Nath, a king-turned saint; this pious site is flocked by thousands of pilgrims. It is said that he had many magical powers and was a truly divine soul.

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