4 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Alwar

Purjan Vihar-alwar-the tourists spot in Alwar

The land of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar has a rich history of its own. If you’re asked why Alwar is famous, you might say because of the Sariska National Park, but a foodie might say Alwar is famous for its Milkcake! Priorities, right? While Sariska National Park tour is the best thing around, there are several other places to see in Alwar that might leave you speechless. But before we talk about the tourists spot in Alwar, here are 4 things you most likely didn’t know about this destination.

#1 The Foundation Stone

Alwar was founded by the King of Amer, back in 1000CE on Vikrami Samvat. It was previously known as the city of Alpur. Since then, the region has been ruled by different Rajputs, namely Khanzada Rajputs, Badgujar Rajputs, Nikumbh Rajputs, Maratha, Jats and even a Hindu Brahmin king, Hemchandra Vikramaditya.

#2 Carbon Dating

Alwar is the oldest city in Rajasthan. Dating back to 1500BC, the Pandavas spent the final years of their exile in Alwar. Surely, we only thought their exile was spent in the Himalayas, but the facts tell a different story.

#3 Fairy Queen’s Abode

Not only is Alwar a beautiful fairytale land, the oldest running engine in the world – Fairy Queen – plies between Delhi and Alwar. It really is the land of the Fairy Queen!

#4 Simla in Alwar

 Yes, there is a Simla in Alwar, thanks to Maharaja Sheodan Singh, who created the beautiful garden known as Purjan Vihar. It is more commonly called the Simla of Alwar because of its natural beauty, lush greenery and cold winds. So, whether you are a tourist here or a local, this garden offers great respite from the hot and humid weather in Alwar.

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