5 Unique Ways Of Exploring Jim Corbett

Unique Ways Of Exploring Jim Corbett

Thanks to the robotic corporate lifestyle, we crave for adventurous getaways every now and then. With a combination of wildlife and serenity, Jim Corbett National Park is the place to be at. Nestled in Uttarakhand, this forested wildlife sanctuary is a heavenly abode for the adventure freaks, wildlife lovers and travel enthusiasts. It is also home to a variety of species and few enthralling tales. Sprawling across 520 square km, exploring the National Park becomes challenging many a times. To make it a little bit adventurous, we present five of the most interesting activities in Jim Corbett:

1. Angling

The ferocious Ramganga River gushing through the dense Corbett National park is the abode of varied marine life making it an ideal destination for angling and fishing. The stream of this river passing through Matwash and Rikawasi invites fishing enthusiasts throughout the year promising an exceptional experience. Ramganga River is also home to two internationally priced sport fish- the Goonch and the Golden Mahseer.  March to early June is the best time to visit Jim Corbett for fishing hoping for a good catch such as Indian Trout and the lesser known, Kalabasu.

2. Mountain Biking

Besides the majestic scenery and pristine streams, Jim Corbett National Park also has a plethora of thrilling mountain biking routes. From rocky terrain to even paths, this wildlife sanctuary has challenging routes for the experts and simple routes for the beginners. During the best season to visit Jim Corbett, rent a bike from the nearest shops and indulge in the adventurous biking tour.

3. Elephant Safari

One cannot compromise on exploring the mysterious jungle and the exotic flora and fauna while in Jim Corbett. But if you don’t have the strength to walk through the wooden trails, then do not worry! Sorting out this problem, Jim Corbett National Park offers you the pleasure of being carried on top of an elephant. Roam in the open jungle on top of a majestic elephant while you explore the wildlife of Jim Corbett. Treat your kids to this thrilling activity while in Jim Corbett.

4. Bridge Slithering

During the best time to visit Jim Corbett, don’t forget to indulge in Bridge slithering. Organised with complete guidance, this surely is a treat for all the fun lovers. Bridge slithering is basically an activity where one, with the help of a rope and a harness, comes sliding down from the bridge and dive into the white flowing water. Head to Jhula Bridge in Jim Corbett to participate in this exciting activity and witness the panoramic view of the National Park.

5. Hiking

Through the path of the Corbett reserve forest, Tanhua is a downward sloping path besides the animal track. Get involved in 8 kilometers long hiking tour where you may encounter ‘Mohan’, the most famous tiger in the area. Get on a hiking tour early in the morning and explore the wilderness of the Corbett National Park by foot. While you get a glimpse of the big cat, don’t forget to capture it for your social media updates.

The best season to visit Jim Corbett is either during the months of May to July or October to February.

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