Want to Explore Religion in India? Visiting these Places is a must

Making a visit to religious places is a common practice for many. Not only does it keep us rooted to our culture and beliefs, it also offers a peaceful retreat. India is a land of diversity and thus, it is obvious, that there are innumerable religious places to visit. Every year, thousands of pilgrims travel to these places to offer their prayers, while some just visit to enjoy the serenity in the lap of spirituality. Here are the top 5 religious places in North India:


Golden temple - Lemon Tree HotelsFor the Sikhs, Amritsar is one of the most pious places in the world because it houses the famous “Golden temple”. Plated with Gold, this temple is not only a visual treat but it also offers an enchanting experience. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy visiting the temple if you are not a Sikh. The culture in Amritsar is very harmonious and does not differentiate between communities.


Top Places to Visit Around KatraNestled in the hills of Katra, a holy town in the state of Jammu & Kashmir; this pilgrimage site, just like the previous one, needs no introduction. Despite all the hindering terrain, devotees visit the shrine to offer their prayers. A visit to this place is mind numbing because the spirituality will surely grab even the tiniest bits of you.


Rishikesh - Lemon Tree HotelsIf you are residing in Delhi, reaching Rishikesh is the easiest. Resting on the banks of River Ganges, this place is synonymous to rejuvenation. Rishikesh is not only home to multiple temples but is also known for Ayurvedic medicine and treatments. Don’t miss the chance to experience the calmness on the holy river bank.


Why You Must Experience Gangtok At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Apart from being a hill-station, Gangtok is one of the cities that majorly follow Buddhism in India. This city is dotted with breathtaking Buddhist monasteries and museums which display the nuances of the Tibetan culture. You can choose to enjoy the peaceful chants at the monasteries or have an informative conversation about the cities’ tradition and culture with the Monks.


Fabulous Things to Do in Chennai at NightDespite being a city which is all urban, Chennai has embraced development gracefully, keeping its culture alive. This beach city boasts over 18 beautiful temples, devoted to different Gods and Goddesses. The architecture of these structures, are commendable and a visual to marvel at.

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