World-Cuisine in Chandigarh: What Dishes You Just Can’t Miss


Since Chandigarh is such a cosmopolitan city, is it any wonder that it is a food lover’s paradise? Cuisines from all over the world are common place here, and gastronomics making a stop in the city are sure to try out some of these. Don’t miss out:

For those with a sweet tooth (yes, let’s do dessert first, coz you never wanna miss out on them):

• Roh Di Kheer, a dish prepared by boiling rice in the juice of sugarcane.

• Baalushahi, the Indian answer to doughnuts.

For meat lovers:

• Bhuna Ghost, a dry and spicy preparation of lamb.

• Amritsari Fish, fried to heavenly perfection.

• Pork Pickle, tangy and deep fried with a definite layer of luscious fat drippings.

• Lamb Risotto, a creamy version of the famed Italian delicacy.

For those sworn to vegetarianism:

• Dal Handi, perfectly cooked yellow dal with a tempering of herbs.

• Choley, prepared differently than any other choley you might have ever had..

• Punj Ratan Daal, a heavenly combo of five different lentils.

• Sarson ka Saag, cooked for almost 24 hours, this is the creamiest mustard greens you shall ever have.

But, this isn’t all, there is so much more to check out. There is Japanese to Mexican cuisine to check out, Thai dishes to fawn over, and Awadhi delicacies to savor. When here, don’t forget to bring your appetite and a wallet full of money, even if you forget everything else.

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