5 Fabulous Things to Do in Chennai at Night

Fabulous Things to Do in Chennai at NightBeing one of the most prosperous cities in the country, Chennai witnesses the constant traffic of visitors throughout the year. From business to exuberant leisure travelers, the city witnesses a steady influx of people. While there’s a bouquet of things to do in Chennai during the day, the city has quite a few surprises in store for the night owls. Let’s have a look at some of the fabulous things to do in Chennai at night

1. A cultural affair

Being the source of germination of art forms like Bharatnatyam and Carnatic music, Chennai is a cultural hub. So, if you would like to get an insight into the rich culture of Chennai, then you can drop by at any of its cultural centers, including Kalakshetra or Music Academy on TTK Road and witness  a lively dance performance or a soul stirring musical concert.

2. Movie magic

For all the movie buffs, the city has an array of cinema halls/theatres, where they can enjoy the latest movies. Be the recent Bollywood blockbusters or exciting Hollywood films or regional cinema, there’s something for everyone in Chennai. Most of these theatres are located in Chennai’s malls, so one can also  enjoy a shopping spree before or after the movie.

3. Go clubbing

For all the party lovers, Chennai has some of the most happening night clubs in the country. So, put on your dancing shoes and be prepared to sway to the beats to some of the latest hit songs ruling the music charts. Or, simply  enjoy your favorite songs and sip refreshing drinks.

4. Long drive

Another fun filled thing to do in Chennai at night is to go for a long drive with your folks along areas like Marina Beach. You can also stop by and indulge in star gazing, which is truly a beautiful sight. One may stop over at a local kiosk and enjoy a chilled ice cream or cold coffee or local snacks to cater to  the midnight hunger pangs. After this, you can relax at one of the hotels to stay in Chennai.

5. A supernatural experience

This might sound spooky, but for all those daredevils who would love to get an adrenaline rush, Chennai has quite a few haunted places like Broken Bridge & Blue Cross Road. So, if you dare to bring out the ghost hunter in you and are up for a supernatural experience, then Chennai is the place to be in.

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